Saturday, March 9, 2013

Coming out of hibernation

The sun is out, and I am on day one of a two weeks Spring Break. Hallelujah! Yesterday, some of the staff and I went out for lunch, and as a fellow teacher and I walked from the school to the pub (yes, a pub is the best place to go, because you're guaranteed NOT to run into any students, as long as they're diligently checking IDs) we both breathed a sigh of relief and instantly felt lighter at the thought of not teaching for two weeks straight. I took some marking home with me. I may or may not get to it... we'll see how the time goes. I'm not setting it up as an actual task on my to-do list because I don't want it hanging over my head. Marking is always hanging over your head when you're a teacher... it's like homework that never goes away.

Instead, I've made a little list of appointments and trips already planned (we're going to Vancouver for a friend's wedding - sans baby!), so I can see where my time lies (I think it's "lies" and not "lays" because "time" is not a direct object... please correct me if I'm wrong). As for the rest of my time, I have visions of spending extra time with my little one, organizing around the house, maybe some gardening, and hanging out with friends. Because one of our weekends will be spent away, I'm planning on leaving our other weekend free so that we can have some unadulterated family time. I'm really looking forward to having some playdates with friends and their kiddies. Having a little one means you can only plan so much for a day, and it's hard to fit it all in on a weekend when you're working the rest of the week and you need to get laundry, meal-planning, grocery shopping and general tidy-up to happen. I'm looking forward to not being so rushed for these next two weeks, and I'm planning on keeping that in mind as I set up my expectations.

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