Thursday, March 14, 2013


There are days when I remind myself: this is what I'm here for, this is why I do it. I get to play with my son, have fun with him, be patient with him and instruct him (or at least try). I get to love him unconditionally and watch as he figures things out, gets excited by things and frustrated, I get to watch him be sneaky and hide around corners. This is why we had him... to be present with him and enjoy (or at least experience) the moments as they come.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm off on Spring Break. The combination of that and my daycare provider being sick has thrown upon me the opportunity to hang out more with my son. I was looking forward to that during my two weeks off anyways, though I must admit that I originally intended to send him to daycare for part of the first week so I could get some projects done. But, life throws little bumps, including, for him, a double ear infection. Poor little bean. He's definitely been wanting me more, so it's good that I haven't had to work. Today, we went to Canadian Tire to pick up a few things, and it basically turned into a session of follow the adventurous toddler around, and try not to lose the shorty. Honesty, my arms were so tired from carrying the not-so-light little guy, that I didn't really mind. We found a bin of inflated balls, and task transformed into chase-around-the-balls he kept dropping (he did most of the chasing). It wasn't that taxing... he was really just playing, and not running, and he was having so much fun. And in the process, his attention was fixed (so he wouldn't take off) and I was able to scope out most of the store! I managed to sneak the balls back to the bin before we left. We picked up one of these for Z. I think it'll be a great addition to our yard as the weather gets better.

The moments, they slip by one by one. I chose to be in them as often as I can, because I know they are precious. I'm really hoping I will remember them, because I don't always record them... choosing just to enjoy them instead. When he kisses us (or the phone, or his bear), when he dances a jig in one place to music, when he sports his playful "angry" face and I do it back and we touch foreheads. I just love him so much.


  1. Awwww... this is a sweet post, Natalie. Your little guy sounds lovely.

  2. I just love him so much too!


  3. Awww...this almost made me cry! It's starting to freak me out because I'm starting to forget how the Munchkin's breath smelled when he was a sleeping baby, how his little mouth used to twitch in his sleep, the little noises he used to make when he was falling asleep...I'm finding myself lately reminding myself to sit back and take in everything that my kiddo is doing, since it feels like SO much is changing on a daily basis!

    I'm glad you are able to enjoy this time with him without any stresses! ♥

  4. I missed this one, Natalie! So sweet.