Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1st

The day of new beginnings.

I know for most New Year's Day is the day of new beginnings, the day for reflections, resolutions, for starting over, but for me these feelings have always come in the fall, with the start of September (I know, I know, not technically the fall yet). My birthday is in the fall (the reason my mother believes I love the season, whereas she loves the summer months in which her birthday falls). I love the fall; the smells of decay, of leaves starting to turn, a slight crispness to the air, autumnal harvest, the start of the school year. It is a time of renewal, of work starting again.

These feelings are only strengthened this year with my maternity leave coming to an end and Z about to have his own little beginning with his first day of daycare around the corner. I think about many things: about how he'll do transitioning, how I'll do, how he'll sleep and eat, but most of all I think about the new little friends he's going to make, hanging out with each other every day. I'm kind of excited for him.

Another new beginning: little Z took his first steps the other day. I haven't managed to catch him doing it on camera yet - he's still very shaky on his feet and isn't doing it too frequently yet, and he also has the tendency of lunging for the camera the moment it comes out. He and I have been going for walks every morning. I put his little shoes on his feet, carry him out to the road, then place him on his feet and hold his little hand and off we go! He tottles and I dutifully hold his hand, lightly when he gets a spurt of stability and firmly when he wobbles. This morning he was waving at his shadow... so cute!

I feel it my civic duty to plug the Saanich Fair, Western Canada's oldest fair! This year marks their 145th year... they're older than the country! I go every year with my father (except last year, when I had Z), and it's a great way to get out and experience the agriculture that makes up the lower Island. Go check it out!

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  1. Oh! Thanks for reminding me about the Fair...I've missed it every year and am determined to go this year!