Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden Update

It's a rainy day today in Victoria; a perfect day to take a few picture of my garden. I am so proud of how our tomato plants are doing (cue the deer eating them all up). I planted them right underneath our living room window in a bed that gets a lot of sun (south facing) but is very protected from the elements (including the rain). I made sure to really saturate the soil with water before planting them, and took the advice of another garden store patron and snapped off the lowest branches and planted them a little lower. He said that it would help them establish their roots. I think it has helped us remember to water them in that they are right out front and we pass them multiple times daily (plus the hose is right there).

My hanging baskets have also expanded from my original plantings. I decided to make my own baskets this year, as I always find them expensive and lacking in variety. I had two baskets left over from last year, and bought $20 worth of plants that I split between the two (so $10 a piece - not bad!). I'm really happy with how they've flourished. I also saturated the soil with water before planting them, and I've stayed up of watering them. I think the nasturtiums will be flowering soon; I've seen little buds!

I didn't take the chance to photograph the backyard, but the radishes are done now, and the kale, carrots and peas are growing well. We planted quite early this year, what did we have to lose? I think I will still plant some beans, just need to get out there and do it. We've got quite a few foxgloves, as usual, and welsh poppies of course, which have already started going to seed (and will continue to self-seed and grow throughout the summer), but none of the large poppies that we had last year. I remember collecting the seeds, and I think I may have been to efficient! I sprinkled some seeds around, but we may have been undiscerning in our mowing and chopped them all off.

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  1. Looking good! I can just picture the nasturtium buds. I love the sense of anticipation that comes with tiny, new buds.