Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a week!

Goodness, gracious, what a week! It has been one of those weeks where everything seems to have happened all at once. Where to begin?

Well, I got my hair cut and coloured. Any momma out there with long hair and a baby can probably attest to the difficulties that ensue when the two are put together. Just when I think my little one is gazing lovingly upon my face, I realize that he's actually scheming up a plan to grab my hair and/or my glasses. Neither is pleasant. He especially likes to nonchalantly twirl his fingers in my hair while eating, then slowly close his fist and pull down. Ouch!! Here's my new do - I got it cut and coloured by a friend of mine who has just opened up a new salon! If you're looking for a hair stylist, let me know and I'll pass along her info - she is excellent!

Speaking of the little one, he has been sitting completely unassisted this week. It's actually amazing how freeing that is for me. I'm able to plop him down on the floor with a few toys and leave the room to grab some laundry (or whatever) without him face planting. He also had major teeth cutting this week. Z is six months old, and now has two bottom teeth, and ALL FOUR of his top teeth cut. It was a brutal few days when the second set of top teeth came through.

Two other major developments have occurred this week, both of them stressful. First off, we bought a car! I guess that's a good kind of stressful, because we had been looking for a little while, and it's nice to have made a decision, but I must admit that kind of money spending always sends my blood pressure up a little. We're going to pick it up tomorrow and then I'll post a pic.

The other major development is something I've been gritting my teeth, trying not to talk about too much on this blog. I'm not sure why, because this is my blog. As a public school teacher, I feel very much invested in our contract negotiations that have been going on for some time now. Unfortunately (and with much frustration), the negotiations have not been going well, and the government is now stating that they plan to unilaterally draft legislation that would impose a contract on BC’s teachers. I must admit, I'm having a hard time with all of this. I feel that the current government doesn't value teachers, and as I'm a teacher, it's hard not to take it personally. I'm also really anxious about what my career will look like when I return from maternity leave. I will be applying for contracts (I don't actually have a position to return to), and if the government engages in the type of contract stripping that they've been hinting at (rather strongly) in the name of "flexibility", I just don't know what my job prospects and working environment will look like. It's very unnerving... well, more than unnerving, but I'm still hoping for the best.

Thankfully, both the BCTF (the teachers union) and the BCPSEA (association that represents the employers) have agreed to mediation, and it's my hope that the government will hold back on legislating a contract and instead allow both parties to continue negotiating with a mediator, or even move to arbitration. Suffice to say, the next few days are more than loaded... I will be watching/listening/reading with bated breath.

For any who are interested, there is a rally to support teachers at the legislature tomorrow afternoon, from 330-5pm.

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