Sunday, February 5, 2012

Actually sleeping... and other developments

It's interesting for me to come here and read my last post (which I had already completely forgotten - motherhood is good for that... completely forgetting about things as soon as they're out of your sight!). For the second night in a row, Z has slept through the night. I'm not talking about the textbook term of sleeping through the night (six hours of uninterrupted sleep), though that in itself is quite nice. No, for the past two nights, Z has had a final feeding around 10-11pm (a "dream feed") and then has not woken me until 8am the following morning.


The first night, I still awoke like clockwork at 4am (our standard mid-night feeding time), used the bathroom, and paused outside his room, reaching with my ear to hear any sounds of hungry rousing. But, all I heard were contented little murmurings and so I went back to bed. The morning was not so comfortable, as I'm sure any moms who have breastfed can attest, but that seems more than a fair trade for an actual full night of sleep. Last night was even better; my body didn't wake me at 4am, and I wasn't nearly as uncomfortable in the morning. I'm hesitant to say that I could get used to this. Heck, I was even hesitant to post anything about this, for fear that I might upset some delicate balance in the universe that is allowing this to happen! But, I've given myself this pep-talk before, that it's nice to be overt about the positive and not just the negative. It's easy to send out stories of annoyances and trials into the public domain. Sometimes it feels necessary to solicit sympathy (and advice) just to help get yourself through the situation. But, it can be equally nice to send out reports of the positive as well... celebrate a little!

In other developments this week: we went swimming for the first time with the little guy, I bought an Ergo carrier (I no-longer feel like I'm carrying a 20lb sack of potatoes with my shoulders - thank the LORD!), and we started solids this week (quite possibly the reason for the recent sleeping-through-the-night development!). Also, I bought a skein of yarn... GASP! Without a specific project in mind... double GASP!! It's very difficult to hold out on buying local artisan yarn when the artisan actually attends your local knitting group! Here's a picture of the lovely fibre specimen from said artisan's blog,


Beautiful yarn, no? I bought one skein and it's even more gorgeous in person! There's only one more set of props (and a linky-link) that I'd like to give. I bought my Ergo through Funky Tricycle which is a great local online business that posts one "groovy deal a week, for moms, dads, and kiddies." Including the Ergo, I have bought two items from them now, the other being a great Ju-Ju-Be convertible backpack diaper bag. Their prices are typically 40-60% off retail, and because they're local to Victoria there's no shipping if you are okay with picking it up! The business is run by two sisters. I've gotten to meet both these lovely ladies and they are super nice.

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  1. One of the best things in life for moms: SLEEP!


  2. Congrats on the sleep! I was sore in the morning for a good 2 weeks when this finally happened with me and the Munchkin. But it was worth it! Where did you take the little guy for his first swim?

    And I'm soooo jealous that you bought the Radioactive Raspberry! I can't wait to see what you make with it!! I'm waiting for my yarn diet to be over until I can ask Em if she could dye up this colour in a base that doesn't scare me but I'm already having a hard time trying to figure out what pattern to make with it!

    1. Yeah, I kindof broke my yarn diet rule in buying that skein, but I think it'll be worth it - it's so beeeaaauuutiful! We took the little guy to Juan De Fuca Rec Centre - it was fun!