Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sleep retrospect

Last night we lowered Z's crib. For you non-parents out there (or perhaps parents who didn't use a crib), a crib typically has two settings for the mattress, a higher setting and a lower setting. We've been pretty lucky, being able to keep it at the higher setting for so long, as the little man is now 10 months old. I should also say that he is a big baby boy, weighing in around 25lbs, and the same size as some 1-1.5 year olds. Needless to say, if the little guy were to pull himself up, the crib rails would only come to his waist at the higher setting, and we think it won't be too long before that happens, so it was time. It's a bit of a sad time for me though. I used to nuzzle him with kisses when I laid him down, as he nuzzled his blankie and bear getting his dozzie self ready for sleep. Now I can't reach that far down! *sad face* I think it seems like a whole new bed to him as well, being that much closer to the floor and having a slightly different view of his room. Oh little man, you're growing up!

All of this, and a trip down facebook memory lane (perhaps the one pro of FB's timeline) had me thinking about the past year and how much my sleep has changed. It's quite dramatic, having a little one, it instantly changes everything. But, before that fateful day when the baby enters this world, it's pretty common for the bursting pregnant momma to have troubles sleeping.

June 16, 2011: so tired... I think I've reached that lovely stage in pregnancy where a full night sleep just doesn't happen anymore

I would have been 7 months pregnant around that time, which is almost and entire year ago!That's right, an entire year of shit sleep... hahahahaha... it hasn't been all bad, actually I feel like my little guy has been a pretty good sleeper, and for those rough nights it has helped to have some perspective, maybe a little help, and a nap!

When my little guy came along in August, my sleep was completely redefined. Suddenly, two hours of sleep seemed like a good chunk, and four or more was absolute heaven! (well, maybe not heaven, but pretty amazing nonetheless). Babies don't begin to produce their own melatonin until 6 weeks, so it follows that night sleep doesn't start to organize until that time (therefore, to the baby, day and night are not that much different!). I remember during that first month, Z would always be awake around 3/4am for a good couple of hours. It was tough, but I always felt it was a blessing that it was the height of summer, so the night didn't really last that long. I used to say that my baby gave me the gift of a sunrise, because I never missed a single one during that time.

August 21, 2011: My baby doesn't like to miss a sunrise

Now, little one has dropped his last night feed (yay!), but is also getting up earlier (boo!) I guess because he's that much hungrier once the morning hours roll around. I'm not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to the day I actually get a continuous night of sleep again, and not an early morning wake up time. But, until that day comes (because I know that's still a ways away), I have my sweet little baby boy.

October 19, 2011: Feels blessed that after a rough night of "sleep" I have that cute smiling face to look at

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  1. It is bittersweet when your baby grows and sleeping arrangements have to change, but just think: it won't be long before he's in a bed of his own and you can join him there for his bedtime kiss and cuddle. Of course, there's always the possibility that you'll fall asleep before you can get to your feet again ;-).