Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Because he loves me

I know, I know... if I've been married almost 9 years, then by now I should know for sure that my dear hubby loves me, and I do! But there's nothing like receiving a bouquet of flowers on the day of love from my hunny to help seal the deal, or at the very least make me feel special. I find myself looking at them every time I go into the kitchen, and thinking about my husband, how much I love him, and about the years we've been together so far. I love tulips; they're cost effective, and they remind me of Holland, the home of my ancestors. Plus, they come in so many beautiful colours and they signify spring.

It's been starting to feel more like spring out there. My husband asked me the other day if I thought it might still snow this winter. This is a typical topic of conversation for the people of Victoria. We don't get much snow, but we often get one or two "dumps" in a season, typically after Christmas, and usually when we least expect it (let's be honest, we rarely expect snow in Victoria). Then the whole city goes into practical lock down mode as we really don't have the infrastructure to deal with more than a couple of inches of the stuff.Font size

But, why am I talking of snow??? It's beautifully bright and sunny out as I speak! I've managed to get out in the garden in the past few weeks, clearing away the dead and making room for all the new little shoots that are starting to pop up. On the crafting side of things, I've managed to finish this giant pink cardigan I've been knitting. I know it sounds atrocious, but it's really quite lovely, a pattern I've been meaning to knit for a number of years, and a project that I started back in June. Considering since then I've finished a school year, finished a pregnancy, and endured/enjoyed the first 6 months of my son's life, I think I've done fairly well! I'll take some pictures once I sew on the button (those who know me know that could take a while... ugh, finishing!). Since that project has been off the needles, I've been working on frogging (ripping out) a sweater I never wear to reclaim the wool.

You may recall, I held the yarn doubled for this project; that's a heck of a lot of yarn! I was hoping to hold off posting about this until I had the entire sweater frogged and the yarn re-balled.

So far, I have ripped out the entire sweater, but separating the yarn (since I had it held doubled), re-skeining, and then winding into balls has proven very labour intensive (aka huge pain in the ass). Suffice to say, I have about half of the sweater/yarn done and I already have five good sized balls! I think I should be able to get at least two sweaters out of this yarn.

For the record, I don't think it will snow again... bring on Spring!!


  1. Lovely tulips, lovely sweater and amen to "bring on Spring!!".

  2. Susan (suwinning on ravelry)February 16, 2012 at 3:02 PM

    One favourite "snow moment" was seeing a huge red CLOSED sign at the library website. I don't know why that struck me as funny but it did.

    Happy frogging!

    p.s. beautiful tulips!