Saturday, January 7, 2012

That's how we roll

Well, it's been a looooong week. If you haven't gathered already, I have a little baby boy, just shy of 5 months old. We enjoyed a nice Christmas break with my husband home from work. All the momma's out there holla if you know what I mean when I say it is nice to have another adult body around when you're a SAHM! Even just to be able to put the little guy in the office with my hubby while I run errands (or write up a blog post) is quite nice, especially when I get to hear my little one make sounds and my hubby make them back to him. Warms my heart to hear my two favorite men "conversing"!

For many, this week was the first back to work, or back to school for the kiddies, and in our home it was no different. Hubby was back to his grueling construction job, and I was back to flying it solo with little Z. And what a week it was! Monday I got peed on, Tuesday I got pooped on, Wednesday I got peed on again, and Thursday I got epically spit up on while were we out no less :P Such are the trials and tribulations of motherhood, but I literally felt like I was being inaugurated all over again! To top it all off, little one's sleeping habits have been majorly shifting this week. We currently swaddle him, but he seems to be transitioning to not wanting to be swaddled... except, when he's not swaddled he still attacks himself with his arms or pulls out his pacifier and then gets upset about it. After two nights of really broken up sleep, things were finally a bit better last night. And, something else happened...


That's right people, we have rolling! It seems all it took was the perfect combination of arm tucked under and head cranking around. Hubby and I were kicking ourselves at the obviousness of the physics of it all - that is a HUGE head after all. It makes sense that where ever it goes, the body will follow! So far we only have rolling from front to back, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the back to front happens as well. Then, I will be in major trouble. Let's just say that phase 1 of baby-proofing is in the works!

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  1. Yes, you are in trouble now. First comes rolling, then crawling, then THE FIRST STEPS. But, would you have it any other way?

  2. No I would not! It is so amazing watching him develop!

  3. Prevent rolling by mounding up UFOs on all side of him. In my house that would definitely keep him immobile until at least 5yrs.

    :) ~Caitlin

    1. ahahaha! I think I have enough UFOs to achieve that actually!

  4. Oh yay for little Z!!! As much as I like seeing my little one make new discoveries right now, that first year still amazes me. To "see" the world in the eyes of such a new human... Ah, baby proofing. Yes, we had baby proofed the house a little when Kole was first born, but was in full proofing mode the second he started to crawl. The things you don't think about until a baby starts grabbing at it! ;)