Sunday, January 1, 2012


It is Dutch tradition to ring in the new year with oliebollen, what I can only describe as homemade donut holes. My dad has often made oliebollen, buying the package at the Dutch Store and setting up a make-shift deep fryer (wok) in the carport. Not a bad place to get it done considering the resultant smell of oil. It's not a small job as the oliebollen have to be watched, turned and taken out before they get too brown. The result is delicious though, and takes me back to my childhood with every powdered sugared bite! I think it's a bit hilarious and fitting that we ring in the new year with so many calories!

Like many firsts, this New Year's Eve was the first with our little boy Z. He's just a baby, only 4 months old or so, and definitely not aware of the occasion. I "partied it up" this year at my parents place helping my mom in another long standing tradition... completing a crazy hard puzzle! To tell you the truth, it was the perfect New Year's Eve: hanging out with family all cozy, eating a few oliebollen, and making myself practically cross-eyed trying to figure out what piece went where. I am very much looking forward to this New Year and all it's continued experiences with my little boy. It seems like every week he's learned a new skill. My hubby and I (and our families) get a lot of joy from watching him and his little personality develop. I'm also really excited for all the projects I have planned for this year.

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! (Happy New Year!)

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  1. Good post Natalie, the olie bollen look better in that picture than they taste.

  2. hmmm who could this mystery person be? it must be family! I don't know, they tasted pretty good to me! But I thought they looked very well presented as well :)

  3. Fun post, Natalie. Ringing in the new year with calorie laden oliebollen! True enough. And dad is wrong, I also think they tasted as good as they looked, Natalie.

  4. You know, I was wondering what oliebollen were!

  5. I strive to educate! ;) They are really *very* good!